Jan 14, 2011

SG Bye Bye: A Collection of Memorabilia

(Updated!) and An Announcement: There will be a special edition episode of Secret Garden (probably BTS and whatnot) next Saturday (22/1/2011) at 9 P.M.

"All good things come to an end" - but not in kdramaland, I believe. Something that ends always means a beginning of another. I finally caught up with MP, and I'm happy to report: I like it. It's still the level of "like" not "love" though, but that's not the drama's fault, I attribute it to the absence of the Binnie factor.
I love Lee Seol - she's really a metaphor for the sun; such a sunny and nothing-will-bring-me-down disposition. SSH on the other hand, erm...I find no faults in him -he's the cute goodie two-shoes. Therefore, Street Smart vs. Straightlaced = OTP. 

Although...something's been bothering me. Why Mr. Hand Towel? I'm missing an inside joke here, or is it some idiom I'm unaware of?

Anyway, let's take a walk down memory lane....

This is my favorite pic, the three of them having such camaraderie. Must be nice climbing up the mountain in such a happy atmosphere.

Binnie writing his "You jump, I jump" letter...(notice the portable heater warming up his feet? Those are a live saver, I tell you. I would have freeze to death in Japan without 'em)

Binnie in casual tee and pants. Still managed to look sexy nonetheless.

Hey, didn't they had a similar post in some other BTS pic? XD

 Yoon Sang Hyun looks like he's game for a hockey match. 

 Every now and then, female 2nd leads get a worthwhile character instead of a display-on-shelf. Kim Sa Rang is lucky. Let's hope Park Ye Jin gets her worth in MP too. 

Sexy dance with Yoon Sang Hyun. Must be the nicest cameo to do - Baek Ji Young was right not to pass it up. 

Yoo Mi-jin, Hwaiting!
I felt that the previous snapshots of Yoo Mi-jin in the news article didn't do her justice. Here's a clearer picture of the woman behind Ha Ji Won's stunts.

The Awesomest Stickers In The World!
 Oooh! Binnie's passport~
Loved the addition of Cheshire cat there; and if SBS decides to make playing cards featuring Binnie as the King (and YSH as the Joker), I will buy it in a heartbeat.