Jan 14, 2011

SG's Oska Launches Album

The song title is translated from the Chinese article, I did compare it with the original Korean one - but since my Korean is -_-", you know how well it went. 

SG Oska's 7th solo album will be launched on the 14th (i.e today!)

The solo album will include a song written for Oska - a gift by Han Tae Ssun, a song entitled "Tear Stains" (or a "Tear Stained Position", which I'm interpreting it as Tae Ssun's sad unrequited love for Oska *sobs*), the album will also include a song given to him by a pianist, "Fairy Tale".

"Tear Stains" is the work of Kim Bum Soo who has contributed for SG's OST with "Appear". The lyrics contain Oska's heart for Seul; a very special song. 

The piece the pianist gave to Oska should be the one created for the happy ending of Secret Garden, a piece highlighting the charm of piano music. 

To SG fans mourning for the lost of SG as its finale looms near, SG is releasing a special edition OST on the 19th, which will include tracks such as "Appear", "Reason", "You're My Spring", "That Woman" and other high ranking songs will be included in the album. 

The record label for the OST expressed, "Needless to say, the album will include photos of the lead actors. It will also have the OST's singers autographs; this album is a must have collection for Secret Garden fans. 

The OST concert will be held on the 15th at Children's Grand Park in Seoul.