Jan 20, 2011

Secret Garden Gets A Sequel?

Seems that the production company is not quite done yet milking this cash cow. After the calendars, stickers, OSTs, tours and other memorabilia - now comes the inevitable: it's either the prequel or the sequel. And they chose the latter. It was announced on the 18th that there will be a sequel - it won't be a drama though, but a movie or a musical. 

It is planned that the sequel will be set after their marriage, but before the birth of the triplets (so yay for some one-on-one time before the endless diaper changing). Personally I would be estatic if this were some other kdrama that I love, but will it be the same without the Binnie factor and HJW? (I'm not sure, but it's not likely they will be reprising the role since Binnie has the Marines and HJW Has Korea.)

So what do y'all think? Is Secret Garden without Binnie and Ha Ji Won a good idea? 

Via Baidu's Secret Garden