Jan 20, 2011

Post SG: Where Are They Now

Gardeners (and perhaps the non-Gardeners), I'm sure you know WHO I mean by 'they'.
Hyun Bin Gets Invited To Two Film Festivals
The two Film Festivals are Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF). Whenever this TIFF and PIFF is, it better not be soon 'cause I want Binnie to have some SLEEP and gain some body fat. How can fans peacefully see him off when he looks like he already did the national service?

Before its release, Late Autumn was invited to TIFF and PIFF, where it set a record for the speediest sellout for a screening. It has received glowing reviews from the media and audiences who have seen it and its release on February 17th is highly anticipated.
Hyun Bin's previous project before Secret Garden was a kmovie Come Rain, Come Shine (literal title: Love Me, Love Me Not) with Im Soo-Jung and is set for release on February 24th.
Not only that, the film is the only kmovie finalist for the Berlin International Film Festival (BIFF). Wowee, so he gets TIFF, PIFF and BIFF! Awesome. The 61st Berlin International Film Festival will take place on 10th of next month and is nominated for Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. 

Come Rain, Come Shine is about a couple facing a marital crisis after 5 years of marriage; the wife (Im Soo-Jung) leaves home for another man and Hyun Bin plays the role of her husband and guardian. 

Come Rain, Come Shine is directed by Lee Yoon-Ki (who's previous works include This Charming Girl, Ad Lib Night and Breakfast At Tiffany's). The film is funded by the Film Commission of Gyeonggi and is G-cinema first project. 

Ha Ji Won To Attend Prada Fashion Show 
HJW's to attend a Prada Showcase in Beijing, China. Tomorrow! 

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