Jan 20, 2011

Lee Seol Gets A Big Fat Zero: SIW My Princess Ep. 6

The Last Song - Lucite Tokki (My Princess OST)
Hae Young is sent to the Foreign Affairs new department - the Imperial Family Department. And for work purposes he enters into the palace; he is responsible for Lee Seol's education, various ceremonies and such (a.k.a. A 24-hour Torture Lee Seol Project). Hae Young and his grandfather continues to be at odds with each other over the restoration of the imperial family. 

Hae Young's Princess Education officially begans with "The First Princess Ability Assessment". 

Yoon Joo is officially appointed as the Imperial Family Group's Chairman. Because of her acceptance of the post, Jung Woo sees her differently, and gazes at her coldly. Meanwhile, Lee Seol feels uncomfortable having to rectify the current family register...  

Chloe Says: (info translated from an article) Before the nation precedes to vote, Lee Seol will be receiving Princess Education. It will be impossible for her to turn into a graceful swan overnight, therefore Hae Young, a diplomat who's proficient in 5 languages has been appointed as a tutor. 

Hae Young who understood various sides of Lee Seol due to his interaction with her before, has establish a devillish training program for her. From the moment she wakes up at 6 till night falls at 10, she is constantly being tested. 

To which Lee Seol retaliates with an equally devilish humor of her own. Getting a zero, she requests for her red crosses to be replaced with red stars instead. 

Just a suggestion, perhaps she should take some cues from real-life Seoul University graduate Kim Tae Hee? Just saying.