Jan 29, 2011

The Misunderstanding In Dream High (i.e what will happen in Ep.8)

Honestly, if I had my way I would move the whole Baidu SG news crew to DH so I'll get my Sam Dong updates everyday. But I'll take what I can get, hence this I'm-not-even-sure-if-this-counts-as-a-spoiler post. 
Also: Will someone speak up for Baek Hee? Is there anyone who sees the goodness in her and willing to give your two cents? 'Cause there's nothing stopping me from calling her bad names if she keeps this up. 

Except for the fact that I'm an T-ara Eun Jung fan. So basically what's stopping me from calling Baek Hee a b*tch is her real-life persona. And the fact that she looks so adorable snoozing off during breaks:

Eeesh. Me and my soft heart. I guess I can take your evilness for a couple more episodes. 

So, back to the Big Misunderstanding part. This is what that's roughly narrated by a fan at Baidu (the Green Rose part by moi):

After receiving Jin Gook's SMS, Hye Mi waits for him at the promised place - the basement. In what seemed like a plot taken from Green Rose: On his way to meet Hye Mi, the hero is captured by a group of men. Little did she know, she waited:
 ...and waited:
She sends him a text msg, but unfortunately he dropped his cellphone during the scuffle with the bodyguards, and is thus unaware.
Jin Gook's betrayal earlier (i.e how he ditched the showcase for the performance with Baek Hee), coupled with how he "deliberately" missed the appointment; Hye Mi's heart is breaking...she wears the helmet he personally put on her and went home, recalling the past shared between them and could not help but shed bitter tears. 
Back home, Sam Dong is outside in the cold night's air, worried about Hye Mi...

I can't help but begrudge Asia Cup, usually I'm a good sport 'cause it means the cast and crew gets a break, but lemme get this off my chest: Damn ye stupid ball, this epi should have been aired this week!

Via Baidu's Dream High and KBS Dream High's Official Website