Jan 13, 2011

Episode 19's Preview Transcript + Video

Joo Won: This woman Ra Im, what kind of woman is she? 
JW meets Ra Im who's with Oska at the bus stop. JW, sourly says: "What a lovely picture!"
JW follows Oska; Ra Im goes in to her home and prepares a drink for Oska.
JW: You guys are not really together right? I'm having Seul then.

Ah Young and Secretary Kim is in a coffee shop. Ah Young gets foam on her lip; Sec Kim is shocked.
Sec Kim: Oh, drink up!
He then pulls Ah Young's hand.

Oska hold Seul's hand in public and they had a slow walk through the avenue. Oska suddenly shouts, "Seul ah, saranghae!"

Oska's mom (in an accusing tone towards Seul): You're having this sort of relationship with Woo Young, then what's your intention getting close to Joo Won?

Oska sitting with TS on the couch, and he shuffles TS's hair. 
Oska: Let's set what we call each other (as in, preferably "sunbae" or "hyung", is no doubt what Oska has in mind).
Tae Ssun: Oska
Oska: Great! Osk... *suddenly discovers something amiss*

Ah Young and Ra Im having dinner together.
Ah Young: Yesterday I had another dream. *She covers her mouth in shock and refuses to divulge futher*
Ra Im: What sort of dream?

Ra Im sits alone in the Action's school's locker room. Joo Won's voiceover: "If you have throughly deceived me, or want to deceive me, I will...."

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