Dec 9, 2010

Spoilers In Words for Secret Garden Episode 10

Ra Im is in the cafe analyzing her script when Joo Won suddenly appeared. He told Ra Im that because of her childish and rotten signature, the LOEL's stock price is dropping and he is preparing to fire Secretary Kim (you sure it's not because of YOU, Joo Won?).

At the mention of Secretary Kim's termination, Ra Im immediately gives him a fearsome* (could be fearful, I'm not sure) expression, which prompt Joo Won's request, "Next time when I meet you, no matter what time it is, you shall meet with with a face filled with love, gratitude, joy and excitement." 

Ra Im retorted that sure, she'll greet him with beatings and insults, and drank her cup of coffee. Some foam got on top of her lips. Joo Won saw her lips and said she must be pretending not to know about it to show it off to other men (sigh, that's SO Joo Won). He kisses her to "wipe off" the foam. 

Chloe Says: Thanks guys for helping me out with the coffee cream thing. Credits to H4LF A d1me for figuring out what stained her lips. Mucho thanks~

Edit: Cream/foam, I'm not sure but the MAIN point is she gets kissed. Case closed.