Dec 9, 2010

Mary's Wedding Dress

Call me old-fashioned, but when it comes to bridal dresses, I like it white and long. This one's white, but it' In fact, I hadn't notice that it was suppose to be a wedding gown until I stumbled upon this said article. It looks more like a tutu, no?  

But I appreciate that because it's a fairytale-like drama, and the designers and stylist are having a fun time experimenting with different concepts. You can't do that in some Ye Olde Makjang Drama, where everyone looks normal but is in fact crazy inside (except for the two main leads, of course).

If you will recall, Mary wore this Cheongdam-dong mini dress in preparation for her engagement to Jung In (Episode 8). It was custom made by Spoensha's Weddings, making it one of a kind. 

According to the designer, it was made short instead of a traditional long dress to emphasize Mary's cute, youthful and innocent image in love, highlighted by the short ruffled skirt embellished with flowers 
made of mesh and lace. 

About Spoensha Weddings
I checked the clothing sponsor out, and it seemed that it has sponsored EVERY single couple that ever got married in a kdrama. A Woman Who Still Wants To Get Married, Giant, Gold Fish, Pink Lipstick, I Love You Don't Cry, Three Brothers, Don't Hesitate, A Good Day For The Wind To Blow...I could go on and on, seeing how morning dramas usually end with weddings. Total viewership of all the dramas combined is over 90% (kind of a pointless statistic, if you ask me).

The location was also featured in Mary's November 9 broadcast 
(it was probably the most unromantic scene ever shot there):
Chloe Says: Very white and *sparkly*

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