Dec 15, 2010

Spoiler In Words: Secret Garden Episode 12

I think I'd just busted my self-imposed quota for SG posts today. This is bad. (edited on 16/12/2010: found a better version, just some minor changes)
Joo Won asks Ra Im: "Instead of you, can't I be the one who stays silently by your side and disappear like a bubble afterwards?" Ra Im is dumbfounded (didn't that just happen, like, in the previous episode?). She tells him to say something that makes more sense, and turns to leave. But then Joo Won stops her, pats her head like a child and pleaded, "This is a conclusion I came to after a long deliberation, so can you give it a serious thought before you answer me?"
Chloe Says: This has got to be the most indecent proposal in kdrama history. Am I sick for thinking that this is romantic? Joo Won boy, you make me nuts!

Via Baidu's Secret Garden (chinese translation), pics from Baidu, dc