Dec 15, 2010

SG Spoiler Details *Very Juicy*

While I can't guarantee the verity of what's posted on on dc, I can however guarantee you they're a delight to read. Furthermore, 8/10 times it's the real thing. So that's good enough for me to keep posting these infos.
And this one seems to corroborate with yesterday's spoiler posts. So here goes:

1) Ra Im rejects Joo Won's proposal to stay by his side for three months (Question: Why is it always 100 days/three months for love contracts in kdramas?) and gives him the cold shoulder and does not answer his calls. Even the sunbae-nims at Action School ignores him. Joo Won, dejected and distressed, turns up at her house and tells her that he'll be TLM for her.
2) Ra Im rejects is TLM proposal (oh Joo Won, just stop it with your nonsensical proposals and court like a real man already).

3) Joo Won gets jealous at Ra Im and Oska who continues to grow closer.
4) Oska met up with his mom at the home entrance. He introduces Ra Im to her, saying something along the lines of, "How can you not recognize the famous action movie star Gil Ra Im?" Joo Won stops breathing. *snort* (it's even funnier in chinese 'cause the literal translation for stop breathing is 'kick the bucket'. LMAO)

Chloe Says: Also, a little update on actor Yoon Sang Hyun who plays the delightful Oska: He'll be launching his album, and it's to debut in Japan next year.

HJW at the filming site today (15/12/2010): It is brrrr cold out there (a minus ten degrees)

Credits: pics from dc,me2day and official website, chinese translation from Baidu's SG