Dec 16, 2010

My Princess Trailer and Screenshots

This girl clearly doesn't know how to enjoy life

It positively boggles the mind. A half naked Sunnie already? I love you PD-nim!!!! And Kim Tae Hee is super lovable in here, she even does Shin Min Ah's trademark gumiho *eye guns* I can tell I am gonna LOVE this heroine already. Who cares if everyone snubs you MP? I'll be on your side, baby.

I'll say no more. Take a look for yourself *turns on 60's music*:

I'm so excited I don't know what to blog. Just had a brain fart. But what's for sure I oooh-ed and ahhhh-ed through my way. And oooh I spot a Goong window moment!

A clearer play-by-play:

My favorite goes to Vegetable Eye:

Or maybe I should change it to Eye Guns instead:

Err...that's not Sunnie in the wedding photo right? But it sure looks (creepily) like him. 
Whaaat a great year ahead! My Princess will be airing on January 5th (and so does Sign).

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