Dec 21, 2010

Secret Garden: The Map

Ask any Gardener about The Map, they'll be sure to sigh and shake their heads. It's something that represents how much Ra Im loves to hate JW. Almost all of their memories are bittersweet that way, and this one is no exception: A hate-tool on one hand, it also showed the extent of Joo Won's love for RI.

Below is the translated map, and if you look carefully at the still below, it actually comprises several stills to bring you the whole picture of the map close-up; all this done by a meticulous fan at Baidu. A round of applause please.
My heart hurts the most seeing him in Episode 10, when he added "cowardly" to "KJW bastard's home". Aww. So he does actually realizes he's being an ass, but is helpless to stop it.
"The coward KJW bastard's home"

Credits: Baidu's Secret Garden (stills and Chi translation), translated into english by hellochloe.