Dec 22, 2010

A Little Amusing...

Looks like Life Imitates Art more than the other way around. SG fever is sweeping everywhere, showing no mercy to anyone, sweeping everything in its path. This time a department store in Korea, the GS Shop has decided to copy follow Joo Won's LOEL Christmas Celebration proposal. 
That's right, you guessed it: The rain on Christmas for the singles event.

Am I the only one who thinks raining on christmas is so not romantic? I mean, a kiss in the rain idea is hot, but most of the time dripping, miserable wetness comes to mind. 

Prizes to giveaway include fifty SG calendars and a set of kitchenware. But let's be honest now: Nobody here freakin' cares about those frying pans. Not unless Hyun Bin's face is on it. My eyes on the calendar! O_O