Dec 16, 2010

New Stills, And 2nd Batch Of (Better) Posters For Sign

Wow...this is unexpected. I actually get to see a happy face on Sign (although, this is from their "past"). I admit, I'm still stuck on thinking Eom Ji Won as Da Jung in The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry. And this is something she would have done herself. Kekeke.

Can we get more of this adorableness on the show, pleaseee?

And on a happy note, I conclude that this batch of posters are much, much better. Though I would've prefered a dimpled Park Shin Yang, I guess it's to much to ask out of his character (he plays a cold perfectionist). At least this time there're no cheesy poses with guns and scapels. 

Eom Ji Won channeling some Boo Ki coolness from The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry.

I admit, I still find Jung Gyu Woon sporting a 'stache weird. I much prefer his look in Dr. Champ. And why am I getting an emo vibe from him? From EVERYONE?