Dec 16, 2010

A Post Dedicated To Tae Ssun

I have been thinking for a while now...could he actually be NOT gay? He could have said that just to scare Oska off so that he won't pursue him anymore, plus the fact that his mom had an affair and because of that his dad walked out. He also left shortly afterwards. Due to that, he doesn't trust women. If you think about it like's plausible, no?

Folks at Baidu have a soft spot on him, even more so when it was announced the that he might be romancing Oska. While I don't think Oska will actually for fall for him, that doesn't strike off the possibility of having a scandal (most likely due to misunderstanding of some sort).

My laptop has been full of Lee Jong Suk's pics for a while now, and I think it's time to let it go; he looks so cute in every one of them it's a sin not to share it:

I can only conclude that this "funeral pic" sketch of him must have been the work of an anti-fan...(seriously though, I'm only joking, it's a very nice sketch)

Lee Jong Suk and his aegyo expression~

Already a model at the age of sixteen, I guess it's no surprise Lee Jong Suk's so photogenic. He's also an independent guy, as he has been staying apart from his family since high school due to studies. 

Presenting...the Korea's cutest emo-est fisherman:

Credits to: Pics from Baidu, official site and dc.