Dec 17, 2010

My Princess...My Next Favorite?

Actually, if you think about it, this drama has A LOT going for it:
 -One: Hello??? My current frenzy, Secret Garden's Writer Kim is doing this! She didn't just flew here by mistake, you know? (get the lame inside joke, Gardeners?)

 -Two: MBC gives out wayyyy better spoilers. Just ask any Personal Taste forumer.

-Three: They manage to nab two freakin' good looking people and they look crazy cute together. Judging from the trailer I saw, it was gooood. I went goo goo gaga over it.

  -Four: The OST is going to be fantabulous, if it's anything like Pasta's (same music director). 

And to top it all, this is a little something from MBC:
[My Princess' Cast Script Reading Video]
A video of the cast during the script rehearsals, which you might remember from here. Sunnie is so cute! When he smiles, there's sunshine! (hence my moniker for him).

Sunnie trying to look stern:

Wait for it...


He can't hold it no more...

And he smiles! 

Via MBC's My Princess Official Website