Dec 19, 2010

Maxim's T.O.P Party With Won Bin and Shin Min Ah

Mmm mmm. This is hellochloe's idea of HEAVEN (incidentally, that's the name of the club where the party was held); sharing a night with two of my favorite stars. This was what 200 lucky fans got to do last Friday (17/12/2010). 

The event was organized by Maxim, promoting the espresso drink T.O.P, the CFs which starred both Won Bin and Shin Min Ah. On screen, they've sizzling chemistry. Off screen, I dunno. They seem so shy.

If I live in Korea, I would make it a point to watch their ads everyday.
Holey Mackerel! This coffee kiss beat out Binnie's flat! (oops another SG reference.)

More pictures from that night: 
No eye contact at all for the whole night. It's like they're invisible to each other.

Here's the video of the event. It's not subbed but you'd be too busy ogling Won Bin to notice anyway:

[VIDEO: Won Bin & Shin Min Ah For Maxim's T.O.P Club Party]

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