Dec 19, 2010

The Face Behind Tae Ssun's Voice

Words From My Heart -Len
If you read the post I did about Secret Garden's trivia some time back, you'd be aware that the actor who plays Tae Ssun, Lee Joon Suk does not actually sing in the show, as his voice wasn't deemed entrancing enough to lure Oska. The actually singer is a newbie in the kpop world that goes by the name of Len (or Lenny).
His first mini album's cover, released in March 2010

I don't know about you, but if I were a singer and my voice were used like that, I think I'd be kinda sad. But hopefully through this "gig" he'll gain more recognition, if not a widespread one. It's certainly not hard to become his fan, all it took was a few minutes listening to one of his tracks and I was a goner.

I like this one too, it's sunnier and a bit more pop-ish:
Baby Love -Len (feat. B.cruz)
What can I say? Hmm...a lot. Today I spent the whole morning listening to his works and I'm completely captivated. His voice really moved me, and although I don't understand much Korean, I sensed what the words behind the song meant. That's how emotive his voice is. 
As of now, he has just released his second mini album on 22nd November entitled Winter Story. So be sure to check it out!

This is his PV for Winter Story:

He plays the piano and sings live extremely well too, no stiffness in his voice whatsoever:
Song Title: "Don't Go, Don't Go"

Via Len's Cyworld