Dec 19, 2010

My Princess 3 in 1 Update Post

This is gonna be one loooong post. Therefore, I prepared some music, in the same vein of the trailer's OST. Oldies fun:

I Got My Mind Set On You -George Harrison

BTS Pics Of The Poster Photoshoot
Remember the horror? Well, in here it has became The Cute. Don't you wish that these BTS pics were the real thing instead?

My Princess Goes Ancient
My Princess does a Goong on me. I should've seen it coming, since Lee Seol is literally a princess and it's not some moniker dubbed by the Korean citizens.  Question: Will I get to see Sunnie in sageuk gear too? I REALLY can't imagine him in that. I still think of him as Song Hye Kyo's stony faced oppa. And that was a decade ago.

 Kim Tae Hee garbed in traditional costume:

 Looks like she's having fun.

On site: 
They have been camping out for a few days now, since last Wednesday (15/12/2010).

Most Romantic Headlock 
What a beautiful scene. I even see rainbows.
This will be the OTP's first hug. In this scene, reporters are swarming because Hae Young's (played by Sunnie) grandfather announces that he will return all his inheritance to the community. Naturally, the media wants to know what Hae Young thinks of it and hence the ruckus that leads HY to protect Lee Seol from the crowd. 

Via dc, naver, Baidu (chinese translations)