Dec 11, 2010

The Importance Of Damo In SG

As an actress, how often does an opportunity like this (that is, cameo-ing as thyself) come around? Writer Kim sure knows how spoil her stars. 
On the 9th December, Ha Ji Won shot Chae Ok's sword duel and was quoted as saying she felt very happy to have gotten the chance to reprise the role of Chae-Ok. [Warning! spoilery details on the cameo ahead]

While I feel happy for Ha Ji Won, I'm kinda bummed out as I have not watch Damo (in 2003 I was 13 and still stuck at Full House). I had no Wi-Fi internet access then, so unless Malaysia bought the rights to air it in the country, there was no way I could've watch it. I hadn't even known about its existence! 

*Sigh* that means I'll never get to fully appreciate the importance of this scene...

Oh yeah, [major spoilery] this Damo scene will be an important scene for the OTP; where Joo Won expresses his love for her (I'm not sure in words or in action though). Damo's cameo will air in Episode 10.

I shall end this post with Episode 9's The Hug:

Chloe Says: I haven't notice this before but...ohmigosh how cute are those sneakers wedges?

Via OSEN, nate