Dec 11, 2010

Hyun Bin's Interview With Star Meet Today

I knew I had to translate this interview the moment I saw that MNIKSS was mentioned. While I'm a Binnie lover, I can't say I'm a follower of his works, some of them were a miss (at least to me), like tragedy wannabe Snow Queen and the sleep inducing The World That They Live In. So I think Kim Joo Won is another daebak character for Hyun Bin as an actor since Hyun Jin-heon

In the following interview, you might notice that the questions are in a casual tone and the abundant usage of cutesy emoticons. At first I thought that the interviewer was trying to flirt with Binnie, but no, it's actually a list of questions chosen and compiled from users at dc. 

Therefore each question is from a different person. Except for one lucky user that got to ask 2 questions. Guess what his/her username is: It's mun-ja-wa-syong. BWAHAHA. 

Hyun Bin, "From A Woman's Perspective"

Q: I'm really a big fan of the drama! Keke, about my question~ My understanding is that you purposely lost weight in preparation for this role. Makes me wonder if you're very particular in this matter^^
A: I lost 8kg before the production started; really got alot skinnier, but I felt that losing weight for the role was necessary (*note: Before this the news reported that it was 6kg, but now we know it's really eight, not six).

Q: For the soul swap in the drama, I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to imitate Ra Im sitting, hehe~
A: Sitting like a lady, it's really uncomfortable. It felt like my body was wrapped up *laughs* 

Some of the things men would not think twice about, as a woman every minor detail is carefully thought out first. As Ra Im, my movements were subtler. When I was figuring out the script for Joo Wanda, a lot of funny stuff happened. During the shoot, Yoon Sang Hyun and Ha Ji Won can always be seen laughing at the sidelines.

Q: Swapping souls with a woman in SG, what's the biggest change for you?
A: It's like looking at myself in the drama, like what I said just now, men seldom put themselves in a woman's shoes. This time I got to look at men from a woman's perspective.

Q: Do you have any similarities with SG's Joo Won? Joo Won is seen as a maverick, I'm curious as to whether Hyun Bin or Joo Won is more straightfoward.
A: Similar you say? Hehe, I'm not rich like Joo Won, and have not had any soul swapping experience^^ The public seems to love these type of "shining" manhwa characters, just like in MNIKSS, he's also a "shining" chaebol. But this is not quite similar to MNIKSS's.
Q: After starring in SG, what are your thoughts lately? Any new habits you've picked up?
A: SG's "Forget it". ^^ New habits...Ra Im's tone and expressions. Sometimes when playing Joo Won I'll accidentally use Joo Wanda's voice and expression, director will say, "Your performance is very 
Ra Im" and does an NG.

Q: Mr. Hyun Bin, which scenes of Joo Won's did you find most memorable?
A: The bed scene with Oska at the end of Episode 5 *laughs* (hellochloe: LMAO the part where Oska keep touching him and he keeps yelling was HIGH-larious). I don't think I'll forget any scenes. Kissing with a man was much easier, because I didn't have to invest any feelings into it...

Also, the sit-up scene where I told Ra Im, "Miss Ra Im, when did you become so pretty? Since last year?" *laughs* I think this scenario was hit with the ladies (hellochloe thinks back on ppl's reactions in soompi and viki. *nods*).

Q: Which is the most memorable character you've played?
A: It's impossible for me to say which one. Each character has its own charm and I'll try hard to interpret them. For me each character is a new experience for me, and I'll use that experience to do another character. (hellochloe: I'm quite disappointed it wasn't the stalker character he played in Cha Seung Won's 2003 Bodyguard)

Q: As Joo Wanda, which women's gestures have you understood?
A: Hand movements and sitting postures *laughs*

Q: What is your dream house like?
A: Like the house I stayed with Oska in the drama would be very very cool. But that's too much really, when you speak you can even hear your echo.

Q: How do you interpret a role? Any secrets to it?
A: Get into it with all your heart and try to have a tacit understanding with your partner. Rather than any special formula, hard work and practice is more important.

Q: Honestly, I only have one question in my mind.  Your health...
A: Physically I'm fine, don't worry. But lately I hadn't had much sleep. Like yesterday we were filming from morning till 8 p.m. Sometimes on set I'll be in a daze 'cause I'm so tired...but even so the atmosphere on set is very cheery, just like in the drama.

Credits: pictures from hankyung, chinese translation from Baidu's Hyun Bin and translated to english by hellochloe