Aug 15, 2013

Love Around Episode 11 Preview (Updated)

I wasn't very excited in translating this preview, because SETTV cheated by recycling scenes (which made me go, hey I already did that!) and adding a few new lines of dialogue. Which also meant that the highlight of the previous preview (woo they rhyme) did not actually happen in the episode.
This is a new screencap! I swearz!

It may or may not be the reason, but ratings for Episode 10 dipped again to 2.07. And reflecting that, this post isn't all that uplifting.

*Updated with two new previews
Episode 11 Preview
We already saw this before - so Daddy and Mummy Liang are watching the TV when Daddy  Liang stares in shock.
Mummy Liang: What's wrong? (Daddy Liang points at TV. We get a close(r)-up of the TV kiss.) Oh my goodness! Liang Xiao Shu... isn't your Valentine's Day a little too exciting this time around?

I suppose now that they publicly outed themselves, it's meet-the-parents time!

At the hot springs, it's man-to-man talk threatening time.
Daddy Liang: Our family has had a law abiding reputation for generations. I don't wish for Xiao Shu to be acquainted with someone who comes from a mobster background. Since you two aren't that deeply involved yet, quickly break it off now.

Zhou Zhen tries to persuade Daddy Liang but only gets brushed off. The men rejoin the waiting ladies.
Xiao Shu: The both of you are...fine, right?
Daddy Liang gives a non-committal smile and looks back at Zhou Zhen, whose face says I feel so wronged but I can't do anything so I'm giving you an uncomfortable smile.

So the conflict is finally here, and I can only say - I don't really care anymore. Chalk it up to a general decline of interest in the whole show, but I also think I waited too long for this to happen which made it utterly predictable and boring. And though I feel bad for saying this about a senior citizen (being Asian and all), I think part of the blame lies with the actor who doesn't really make me feel much. I remember having a spot of pity for him during that scene in the graveyard (which was what? Ep 2? 3?) but after that, his face generally spots the same expression - stoic (because cops are always stern!) with a hint of a smile so we still know he's the "good" guy. 

On the other hand, we have Zhou Kuan (aka Daddy Zhou) who seems much more human in comparison. Perhaps it's the writing which developed his character more. But what does it say when I care more about the mobster family than the (supposedly) better law-abiding ex-police family? Of course, this then might be a writing problem, because we got some development on one side and we empathized with them, but then we forgot about the other side as the story went about awkwardly giving the leads plenty of time because the point of the show was to get them together.

Some of you remarked at the weird pacing of the couple. I'd say that the whole drama so far has felt draggy, because the truth has to be faced: this drama was fan service for George & Annie fans. There is virtually no plot at all, and no stakes involved as far as the show is right now. The dad disagrees - then what? If they are split up - then what? I'm not saying there needs to be a life-or-death situation, but it also feels like both of them aren't that much better or worse off together.


Episode 11 Preview: I Won't Give Up

Continuing from the daddy objection, Zhou Zhen doesn't give up and asks for a chance to prove himself. They have a go at black&white chess (resonating with the title?).
Daddy Liang: Our family has had a law abiding reputation for generations. I don't wish for Xiao Shu to be acquainted with someone who comes from a mobster background.
Zhou Zhen: I won't leave her. But please, give me some time. I will work hard to make you approve of me.

Episode 11 Preview: Ying Ying's heart is moved

Actually I'm more interested in the development of the second leads in this one. I like Zhe Xuan's character - he's been the highlight for me in most of the scenes he's appeared in. And I like how he stands up to Ying Ying and says all the things that no one else dares or wants to say to her. The two of them (well mostly Ying Ying) were mostly used for comic relief before, but I like the direction that they're going in now.

In Ying Ying's new shop (which she opened to prove herself to Zhe Xuan), her brother sees that something is up with her.
Zhou Zhen: Ying Ying, since young, you've always taken out your feelings on those soft toys. What happened this time?
Ying Ying goes to stalk (?) Zhe Xuan outside his office, and primps before going to see him. They chat in a cafe.

Ying Ying: If you meet a girl you like, will you hide your feelings secretly in your heart and then only confess in the end?
They're at the swings where Xiao Shu came with Zhe Xuan before. Swinging was one of the ways Zhe Xuan made her happy when she had problems. And now Ying Ying is swinging beside him, looking smitten as he smiles at her.