Aug 18, 2013

Love Around BTS Bites

Note: Those who've read the previous post would already have read this. I decided to split the BTS into a stand-alone post because I updated the previews. Also, now we can focus (comments) on the fun!
A treat for you guys - little bites of the BTS (which is way more fun than the actual drama). Watching the BTS makes me a lot happier, and reminds me of why I watch this not-very-interesting drama. Some things they do as they rehearse for the scenes, so it's done as their characters, but these cuts usually involve NG takes, which is done by the actors themselves so I've used their names instead. Enjoy!

Bite 1: George Hu is a fruit ninja.

I have no idea why they did this (I haven't watched Ep 10) but the cast often amuse themselves in inexplicable ways. Annie puts an eye mask on George and spins him around. She guides him as he lays down a bat on a watermelon. 
He aims, and whack! dead center, blowing the watermelon to smithereens. 
And then he lets out this tribal cry, "AARHH!"
Annie tells him to remove his mask to see the damage he did. He takes it off, and the watermelon carnage hilariously shocks him.
"My watermelon exploded!"
And then he decides one shouldn't waste food, so he picks up some bigger pieces, stuffing them into his mouth before offering some to Annie (or Ni Ni, as they call her).

Bite 2: I'm supposed to hug you, don't take advantage of me! (because it's not the same)

They are rehearsing for the barbeque scene. Supposedly, the smoke hurts his eyes and George rubs them. Annie is supposed to blow on his eyes to make him feel better. Annie tells the reporter, "I have something up my sleeve." 
She turns to blow, and conveniently mixes her saliva into it.
And then after that, they hear a supposed sound in the distance, and George rehearses reacting to it by hugging Annie close.
Annie consults the script properly and exclaims, "Hey, I'm the one who's supposed to hug you! Don't keep trying to take advantage of me!" 

Bite 3: Never give boys (or maybe just George Hu) a water gun.

So they have a water gun fight scene. George is supposed to shield Annie from the water attacks.
At first, he does and goes over to pick up the water gun on the bench. And then he turns around, "You guys are ALL DEAD!"
He goes on a shooting rampage, crying as he goes, "AHHH! AHHHHH!"
As the scene is cut, MC40 (James) and Xiao Ba (Fei Fei) immediately shout at him: "Why were you shooting all over the place?!" "We're just filming! Calm down!"
They prepare for another take, this time with Granny and Ginger Yao (Jessica) in the scene as well. Annie remains the only one without a water gun, as she hides (and fails) behind George.
She complains after the cut, saying "You weren't protecting me!" He unrepentantly says, "You were behind me!"
Annie says to the reporter, "I swear he wasn't protecting me at all." MC40 jumps in to say, "Yeah, basically he was just shooting at all of us, and leaving Ni Ni at the back." Left without defense, George turns and says, "Well, because I was actually aiming at you."