Jul 28, 2013

Love Around Episode 8 Preview

I'm back! Thanks to Chloe for updating in my absence (and I did have a lovely trip hehe) and personally I thought she made everything sound much more interesting hah. Perhaps we should have her come weigh in again some time - just to shake things up *wink wink* Haven't caught up to the series yet to be honest, been in a lazy funk since the trip. So this post will be slightly better in that I know the premise and characters, but I'm gonna be guessing along too heh. Not that it's that difficult a nut to crack.

Sounds like the big secret's gonna be out the bag, which is about right since we're probably near the mid-mark of the series. Now that the leads have pretty much got their feelings out in the open (from what I see in the previews anyway), let the true conflicts begin!
And just to clarify, although this has been mentioned before: The drama airs every SUNDAY NIGHT, from 10:00-11:30 pm (GMT/ UTC+8). The availability online depends on uploaders obviously, but at least 2-3 hours after it ends would be a reasonable breathing space.

Ratings for Episode 7 was 2.22, slightly down from 2.53 (series highest so far) of Episode 6.

Episode 8 Preview - He's my Dad:


Zhou Zhen: Previously, you avoided me on purpose - did you misunderstand something?
Xiao Shu: I mistakenly thought that your sister was your new girlfriend.

Zhou Zhen: The woman I see most these days is you. (implication: how would I be meeting someone else?)

Gangster Zhou: Kuan Ge, this woman - she's Liang Xiao Xia (that radio name of hers)! I won't let go of her easily!

Zhou Zhen: Dad.

And from another cut in 100% Entertainment:

Xiao Shu is locked up in a store room in Zhou Sheng Min's villa (seriously what with all the same surnames *grumble grumble* he be Gangster Zhou). Zhou Zhen desperately rushes in to save her but ends up getting locked up with her.
Xiao Shu: Let him go! He's a patient! Can't you be gentler?!
Xiao Shu: Why are you holding me? Let go of me!
Xiao Shu: If you already have a girlfriend, we should keep a distance. I don't think it's good if she misunderstands.
Zhou Zhen: That's why you threw away the warming pad and the hot cocoa?
Xiao Shu: Uh-huh.

Zhou Da Kuan is unable to contact his son and realizes that he's locked up together with Xiao Shu by Gangster Zhou.
Gangster Zhou: She's always badmouthing you on air as well! Leave her to me, I'll take care of her!
What decision will Zhou Da Kuan ultimately make?