Dec 12, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 24

Back! Hi, my homies, how ya doin? Sorry for being MIA these past few days. Now that my exams are over, my PS addiction (PHOTOSHOP, not the Ji Sung movie title) has hit me full force. It's so hard to stop playing with pretty people T_T
Solli! But I won't forget: Monday night is here, which means The George Hu Show is on. Ohhhhh, time to watch my cutie pie. Let's get started, shall we?

Chlo-Meter:addiction, the highway to hell.

Da Mouth - 国王皇后 (King and queen)  

Um, so where were we last week? Oh yeah. The aquarium-breaking scene. Right - Yi Ru remains disbelieving. She surmises that he is only doing this because Shi De appeared, and he doesn't want to lose. Remember what you said when we broke up? That there's too many women in this world that needs your care, so it was impossible for you to love one woman wholeheartedly. That's why he didn't stop her when she said she wanted to break it off.  

Uhuh, the man has a hero complex. I didn't really feel bad for him, until she patted him and talked to him as she would to a child. Unf, how condescending. 
There, there, Qi Ming. Think of it as poetic justice, those ladies whose hearts you broke. Karma, they say it's a bitch. 

We cut to Yi Ru in a supermarket. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I haven't been this excited to see a vegetable in my life. They grab the same pumpkin. Out of so many others! Implication: they're fated. 
She learns that he's here to buy ingredients for Papa Yang's cooking lesson - he heard that she likes pumpkin soup, so he's there to learn. Looks like this is gonna be an ongoing thing. Bye bye office meet-ups, hello kitchen. 

We should have a talk, Yi Ru says. But to him, it has always been clear - he really likes her, but has been going about it the wrong way. He knows she wouldn't believe him no matter what he says. So he's going to prove it with his actions. 

With a smolder, he tells his heart has always been with her. Six years has since passed, but it will still be with her. Till forever.
And more smolder. How can she be on the receiving end of that gaze, 15 freakin' cm from his face and not combust into flames, I wonder. After a long while, she asks him for some time to think about it. 

Perhaps it was because of that, she wasn't paying attention and nearly got into YET ANOTHER accident (prone to falling, eh?). Saved by Shi De once more, and he got a free kiss as his reward. Okay, it was technically an "accident", and he got thrown into a pile of boxes as a result, but he doesn't seem to mind, so why should I? Furthermore, shoujo mangas tell me that it's always for a reason!
Both try to be professional about it, but uber fail, man. Shi De's awkward attempt at playing it cool is killing me. Riiight. Don't let me catch you flashback-ing to this moment later. All in all, a good day to go grocery shopping. 

But not so good for Qi Ming, as his has been shitty. Still thinking of her rejection earlier, he trips and falls while walking down the pedestrian bridge. Ouch, that actually looks painful. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Perfect meets up with Shi Yun. The shot lingers on the name of the cafe. Wow, they're really placing all the PP in his scenes, huh. 
Anyway, he opens up to the her - the reason why he's against marriage is because he got burned once. He's a divorcee, got married when he was 25. I hope this scene isn't too hard on Shaun Chen, who just went through one himself. 

Basically, his relationship fell apart apart - and if he were to pinpoint the exact moment,  it was when he got married. That nightmare, it took him 5 years to get out of it. Shi Yun tells him is not his fault, for he only wanted to properly love a person, but rushed too quickly into it. His ex-wife must have had a hard time herself. 
Qi Ming's at the doctor's, and whadduya know, he bumps into Lovely Doctor. He tells her his woes and she ends being the relationship advisor again: Yi Ru rejected him because she's convinced he won't change. A tiger wouldn't change his stripes, once a player, always a player. 

Oh, I see. He gets it now. See ya, he says as he limped out of the building. Doctor thinks to herself, what will Shi De do now that Qi Ming's serious? 

Answer: He sends Yi Ru a boat load of snacks with different messages written over the package like "Please be my friend." and "No matter how busy you are, please take a rest." Aww. The embarrassed Yi Ru hides the stash in her room. Yi Qing thinks him weird, why is he outside learning how to cook instead of spending more time with you? Yi Ru tells her that he's serious like that. 
Soup is ready! I guess she's nervous (chef is Shi De), because she burnt her tongue in the process. Ack! Shi De scrambles for a cup of water. Thus prompting a big collective "AWWW" from all LNAAs.
(You see that? I can't even capture his face properly, so panicky was he.)