Dec 7, 2012

Love, Now: Episode 23

Scenes tally up:
OTP cuddling in bed = 0
Qi Ming and Shi De = 1

Chlo-Meter:otp what otp  ♥__♥

"Woohoo~ My innocence is coming back!" Qi Ming's all jolly after receiving a call from the illusive red shoe gal. Yi Ru wonders who it is, and the camera cuts to... 
Albee declining a colleague's offer to join her for dinner. Hm, I wonder whether she's a red herring.

Shi De asks Aunt whether he can tag along to one of her cooking classes. Papa Yang is dubious at first, but... 
Shi De: "I really want to learn how to cook. I want to make it for Yi Ru."
No hidden motives, he says, for he remembers what Papa Yang once told him: To be more flexible. Although he isn't sure how well he's doing now, but he really wants to learn. Feel the **sincerity** in every pore, Dad!

And... DAD APPROVES. He welcomes all who's sincere in learning.

Whew! That's a hurdle jumped, but it looks like there's another one - Yi Qing's back. First thing she does is take a jab at him: "No wonder I felt cold the moment I stepped in. Ice sculpture man is here." Papa Yang chides her for being rude and tells her to apologize.
Solli! she says nonchalantly. But this time Shi De doesn't glare at her, but shows her his killer smile instead. Yi Qing: "That's right, you should smile like that more often!" In her room, she calls Yi Ru and tells her to hurry home. She can't wait to see how this will go down.

News travels fast, because grandma now knows Shi De is at Papa Yang's. "He must have been touched by his sincerity," grandma concluded, all giddy.

Mom is happy for Shi De too. He has shut off a part of himself since his dad's passing, and it hurts her to see him like that. "It's so nice to see him smile and be warm again."

Meanwhile, their dish is ready. Yi Qing mistakenly assumes that the plate of charcoal was prepared by Ice Man, but Aunt corrects her, that's hers. That means... that plate of perfection is Shi De's. FISTPUMP!
Just in time, Yi Ru's home. She takes a bite as Shi De waits for her verdict. Not bad, she reluctantly says. "But I think dad's cooking is better." Oh, come on! Give credit where it's due, Yi Ru. Alas, their family bonding time comes to an end, because Qi Ming is here, announcing to all present that he has found the red shoe girl.

"Albee?" says the surprised Shi De. Qi Ming says in glee, you're out! Pah! I say. It's not like Shi De did anything wrong. Albee tells them what happened that night. She saw the both of them wasted at the bar entrance. Out of goodwill, she brought them to a hotel.
While trying to get the drunk Shi De onto the bed, her stocking got scratched, so she changed them. As for the shoe... well, she rushed outta there when Shi De in his drunken stupor tells her not to tell anyone. Shhhh. 
This is what happens when your employees are terrified of you, LOL. 

The next day, Albee received TWO pairs of the red heels she lost at the hotel, one box from Shi De and one from Qi Ming. She now has a whole new impression of the GM now, heh. They're both are so thoughtful, she says aloud. 
Feeling triumphant, Qi Ming prepares a table full of snacks, champagne, the works. Now that this matter is solved, they can be together now, he says. His employees ask, how can you be sure she'll accept you?

He replies that after knowing Yi Ru for so long, he's confident she won't be able to. "So don't be surprise if she gives me a passionate kiss later," he tells them. Oh. My. God. Is he really that delusional? 
To no surprise, Yi Ru laughs it off, not accepting his mini-sized faux Togepi plushie, including his gesture of breaking the aquarium. It made me feel bad for him, kinda. But really, what did he expect?