Nov 27, 2012

Love, Now OST: "Hold This Hand" by Victor Wong

When I first heard this song in its entirety, my first thought was: "David and Jolin's Marry Me Today." How many ways can you say FOREVER in Chinese? As it turns out, a whole freaking lot.

Chlo-Meter:I love you like a love song, baby!

This song is written by Victor himself, on an uneventful afternoon tending to his muddled thoughts. Wishing for calm and peaceful life, he thought of church bells, and with that "eternal" thought in mind, he wrote this soothing song. This came as a surprise to the production studio because they were nearly done with the recording by then. (The impromptu ones are always the best, aren't they?)

Song Title: "執子之手" (Hold this hand) 
Composer: Victor Wong
Lyricist: Chen Mei (she's a poet. Kinda explains why this song has so many metaphors. Drowning in 'em.)
Arranged by: Wu Qing Long
Translated Lyrics:
Fortunately, the bells are willing to stay
Fortunately, you were willing...
Willing to put up with me
Fortunately, you were willing...
Willing to quietly wait for me
Fortunately, there's you
Waiting silently for me at the end 

Luckily, fireflies give an outlet to dreams
Luckily, the light lends late autumn a warm hand
Luckily, clouds gives the soul a sky
Luckily, meeting you made me realize that the universe...
 Is vast and endless

You looked at me and walked towards me
Your steps to my eternity 
Your heartbeat as an accompaniment as you fulfill... 
The lifelong dream
Hold my hand, leave everything to me
Remembering your eyes at this moment, 
This moment as we approach eternal
From now on...
 I have no need for anything else

For richer, for poorer
For better, for worse 
 No matter how long the stars will shine
Can't get enough of your love
I have no regrets

Hold my hand tight, hug me close
Close beside me, together forever
You shared with me heaven-sent blessings, 
You complete me

Hold my hand, leave everything to me
Your four seasons is my bright future
Let me complete you
I don't need anything else

Hold this hand, let's grow old together
Even though it may be just a fairytale
For life, for death
As enduring as the universe

Chloe Says
The 40-year-old Victor (he's got quite the baby face, doesn't he?) has just got married early this year to his girlfriend of 5 years. Not surprisingly, this song is dedicated to his girlfriend (now wife), whom he had a long distance relationship with (because of his work he's constantly on the move).  
May you have a long and happy marriage filled with lil' ones, Victor!