Nov 26, 2012

A Look At The Offices In "Love, Now" which I display my stalking tendencies. When you go, "So, tell me everything about you, drama!" you know you've got it bad. But I justify myself with the fact that Sheng Hao's office is way too eye-catching - The Thinker Takes A Dump, anyone? (brings a whole new meaning to "a man in sober meditation, battling with a POWERFUL INTERNAL STRUGGLE.")
Take a bow, set builders of SETTV, you've outdone yourselves. 

BowShine: Hao Sheng Enterprise

I had thought that Hao Sheng was a real office, but it's a set (duh!). Two reasons: 
1) It's an 80 EPISODE (and possibly more) show, what company will lend their working space for that long.
2) If it's real, that means Company X makes employees sit on a toilet bowl as they work.

If you didn't get it the first time: THEY HAVE A TOILET BOWL. AS A CHAIR. AT THEIR DESK.
Let's take a closer look at that desk:
Shower head lights! O_O

The conference room is the only place employees can savor the comforts of a real chair. But considering the fact that you'd have to face Shi De during meetings, I'd rather have a toilet bowl any day (I love Shi De, but not as my boss, no.)
Like the employees' desk, the base of the table is a bathtub.

The set, Before and After:

On a side note, I wonder whether Derek (the bathroom fixture sponsor) has experienced a spike in their orders for toilet bowls. "I want to have a toilet bowl like in LN!" is that how it is?

Court Foreclosure stickers everywhere... hmm must be Feng Hua! 

Their workplace may not be as unconventional as Hao Sheng, it's still pretty much out there (just look at that chair). Most of the props here are made by the crew (99.9% they say). Even the lil' wooden bighorn sheep:
... is lovingly made by sifu:

Photo credits: SETTV