Nov 4, 2011

In Time With You OST: Translated Lyrics for "I Won't Love You" by Wilson Chen

Luckily, I'm on time with In Time With You
Ello! You can expect to see me returning from my cave whenever there's a highly addictive show airing (then again, "addictive" is subjective). This time, it's a TWDrama! Well well well, who'd thought. This is romance done well, w/o the usual twdrama slapstick routine (read: romcoms) or the OTTness (read: rom without the com) that has become inseparable from Taiwanese dramas.

Not that I mind funnies and OTTness, but once in a while the girl needs to de-suspend her disbelief, y'know? That's where this show comes in like a breath of fresh air. It's real AND a joy to watch. I guess you can call it the feel good version of the The Fierce Wife (which was real, but NOT enjoyable).
I appreciate the fact that the main dude in this show, Li Da Ren (played by Wilson Chen) gets to have the passive character trait usually attributed to the 2nd lead. It's about time we get a decent main character, a variation of the holy trinity in a drama = Spunky Girl + Douchebag Boy + Saintly 2nd lead. But in here, to our everlasting headdesking (and basically what makes this show 13 episodes long), the man simply won't. make. a FRICKIN' move. Frankly, I think if given the choice, he'll just sit contentedly by the sidelines and play friends till the cows come home.
That's when the bad boy (turned good?) comes to town to give Da Ren a lil' nudge (more like pushes him off the cliff... but hey, no complains from me here). And the fact that he is yummy and has this tinge of American accent whenever he speaks Chinese doesn't hurt either ;P

So anyways, as I promised, this is the translated lyrics for the aptly named "I Won't Love You," which is basically about how Da Ren is convincing himself he doesn't love You Qing (Ariel Lin). The saddest thing is, at the end he even convinces her that he doesn't love her, telling her "not to think about it." Boy, there's a martyr if I ever heard one.

Song: I Won't Love You
Lyricist: Xu Yu Ting (who's also the scriptwriter of this show)
Composer: Wilson Chen Bo Lin, Wang Hong En
Artist: Wilson Chen 

I think I probably, probably won't love you.
I tried, tried hard not to fall for you.
That's why I let myself like you so.
That way you won't have the heart to stay away from me.

I think I hate, hate the arrogant you.
Also, the beautiful, beautiful you.
That's why I want to pretend to hate you.
So that you can't bear to leave me.
I must say, I really won't love you
I don't like the way you invade all of my thoughts.
Even your chuckle leads me on.
From the breakfast after "good morning" till the "goodnight" after dinner
Stop laughing, stop laughing, I won't love you.

I tried to forget, free myself, but you're still in my eyes
I loved, I hated, but it doesn't affect my breathing
Turns out it's too late for me to get out of this secret love for you

You don't have to understand, I really won't love you
I don't want you to be down because of me,
The city that has you in it is even beautiful when it rains.
From the sun after dawn to the moonlight in the middle of the night 
Don't think about it (don't think about it), I won't love you

Don't think about it (don't think about it), I won't love you