Nov 15, 2011

Hang in there, my ITWY comrades. Repeat after me: S-i-n-g-a-p-o-r-e

You know you're at the point of no return when Show has become a persona non grata overnight and you find yourself still as enamored as ever. YES, I LOVE THIS SHOW, haters be damned! You Qing's an arrogant bitch? (Whatever, she's better than those cookie-cutter heroines in dramas everywhere.) Ding Li Wei's a creepy bastard? (Ahh, how I loathe to hate him.) Da Ren's a wimpy Beta Male who tells everyone (EVERYONE!) he loves You Qing except the poor girl herself? (This one I love to hate, lol. But serenade me with your ukulele and all shall be forgiven.)

Geez, it sure can be tough to justify this show. Now I know how those BOF fanatics must have felt...

Anyhoo, us ArLin fans must come equipped, lest we fall into the dark pit of frustration and headdesking. Put an ice pack to your forehead and chant this with me: "I shall not expect anything till Singapore." I think we all have already been spoiled with these, but let's remind ourselves, shall we? After the jump!

I like this, him being the aggressor for once. Rawr!

Again, me liking this. No more passive Da Ren!

I just had an epiphany. Don't you think the dynamic of their relationship is similar to Kimi Wa Petto?! Omgee, they're the realistic version of KWP O_O

Hehe, sexy shoulder.

Aiyohh, look at her being all shy! *blush*

He's on top! 

 I meant on top of the world, of course. *prim*

Photo Credits: ITWY Facebook and Sina via Baidu's ITWY