Nov 16, 2011

2012 Can't Come Fast Enough.

Ayee, I'm feeling this void ever since Secret Circle and Vamp Diaries had their mid-season finale last week. Why oh why do these 2 shows have to go on a break together? So cruel - can't the producers work out some schedule where I can still watch one when the other's on break?

What am I to do on my Supernatural Fridays now, sigh. 
Random thought: I know there's all this talk about them being dead ringers, but who thinks Chris Zylka's a better looking version of Twilight's resident werewolf Taylor Lautner? Jacob 2.0, if you will.

Team Jake FTW! The moment he appeared it's "Adam Who?"

And vampires; oh what a twisty-fun finale. Elena should dump those two dingbat brothers because Klaus is the new Salvatore.
Just kidding, Stelena forever.