Jun 5, 2011

SIW & A Preview Transcript: Can You Hear My Heart? Ep. 20

Jin Chul wants to destroy Jun Ha that took him for a ride; he gets WooKyung's semiconductor investors want to sue Jun Ha with embezzlement charges.
Dong Joo calls Min Soo, and asks her to get Director Kang to hold a large number of WooKyung Group's shares. 
Upon hearing that flyers of Ma Roo's montages is pasted at the hospital, Jun Ha rushes there. Young Kyu is sadden by the fact that grandma doesn't recognize him. 

Episode Preview:
Jun Ha : It isn't me you are looking for right?
Shin Ae: The montage and Dr. Jang looks similar, don't you think?

Woo Ri: Dr. Jang Jun Ha
Seung Chul: It's not Cha Dong Joo?
Woo Ri: But he said he won't be my oppa...
Seung Chul: I'll be your oppa then!

Jun Ha: I can't even be your brother. This bastard... he's Choi Jin Chul's son, what will you do?

Grandma: Did you see my Young Kyu?
Young Kyu: Mom, mom, I'm Young Kyu. Your best son, Young Kyu! 

Dong Joo: Hyung, there's a problem, we need to quickly go now.
Grandma: Take this with you, child.
Young Kyu: Mr. Cha Dong Joo!
Jun Ha: Why must you make me the bad guy till the end?  I can't even hate you like this...
Young Kyu: Mr. Cha Dong Joo!

Via Baidu's CYHMH?