Jun 4, 2011

Spoiler In Words & A Preview Transcript: Can You Hear My Heart? Episode 19

Knowing that Jin Chul is his father, Jun Ha tells grandma to wait and see what he will do in the future, and left. 

Grandma is sent to the emergency room. Dong Joo is disappointed in himself for not having the power to help Woo Ri at all. Woo Ri meets with Jun Ha, and she has some last few words to say to Ma Roo oppa...

Episode 19 Preview:
Grandma: Ma Roo...
Jun Ha: I will find out who turned me into this state.

Dong Joo's mom: How can you let them do these things at the hospital?! You should stop them!

Someone (sent by Dong Joo's mom): You can't stick these here.
Shin Ae: Weren't you informed?

Woo Ri: Grandma...
Dong Joo: Woo Ri, tell them the location.

Shin Ae: I'm Kim Shin Ae, get the president on the phone, now.

Dong Joo: What's so complicated here? If you cannot hear, you can't even be a guardian.
Seung Chul: You haven't done the procedures yet? What are you doing?
Dong Joo: I couldn't be of any help, I'm sorry.

Mi Sook: If you have time to seduce the president, treat your mom a little...
Shin Ae: You... !
Mi Sook: Don't forget, this is your duty.

Woo Ri: Go, I'll tell you later. I'll be back soon. I keep my promises.

Credits: Translated from Ko-Chi by sallylin33 (SIW), leerainqq (transcript); to English by hellochloe.