Jun 14, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Lie To Me Episode 11 & 12

This is so, SO unfair. WHY must the week that I'm having exams be the week where the mostest interesting stuff happens? *pouts* 
RoTo 10 and LTM 11, you guys! I swear I'll watch you the minute exam's over.

Spoiler In Words Episode 11   
On board the swaying ship on sparkling waters, Ki Joon stumbled his away into a corner of a deck, looking like he's about to barf. A hand pats him at the back! It's Ah Jung. 
She snorts, saying that even the great President Hyun of World Hotel will show such a weak side to people (only to you, baby) and wonders aloud why he followed her here if he can't handle it (only for you, baby).
Upon their arrival at Jeju, Ah Jung and Ki Joon walked down a quiet path with lush palm trees. There's a limo, and there is even a mini-bar with all sorts of alcoholic beverages inside! A gorgeous basket of flowers and fruits can also be seen. 

Spoiler In Words Episode 12 
Ah Jung was unpacking her luggage when a tiara fell out. She picks it up, a heavy expression crossed her face because she met with Yoon Joo. 
Ah Jung gets a text message on her phone, and she finds out that it's Ki Joon: "Goodnight. Dream of me 'kay?" Ah Jung smiles and replies: "Go sleep. Let's meet in our dreams." She places the tiara on a soft-toy's head.

On the other hand, the World Group's Ki Joon's aunt, Ki Joon, Manager Park and several director sits opposite Chairman Chen and his people. Both sides are happy with the results and there's a pleasant atmosphere in the room, however Ki Joon's expression is solemn. Everyone applauds, Ki Joon looks on at them. 
At the end of the session, everyone is about to get up and leave when Ki Joon rose and looks at Chairman Chen. Everyone looks at him, wondering what he is up to...

Via dc and Baidu's LTM