May 31, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Lie To Me Ep. 8

There's always the title of The Show With The Hottest Kiss Ever, but is there one for The Show With The Most Scenes Of The Hottest Kisses Ever? If there isn't, we should really make a category for that now, with all the upcoming kisses LTM plans to bedazzle us with. 
Spoiler In Words
Yoon Joo hears from Sang Hee that Ki Joon was sent to the hospital. When she arrived at the hospital, Yoon Joo looked at Ki Joon with a pitying expression when she saw him lying on the bed. It was at this moment when Sang Hee came in, and he jokes around as if nothing has ever happened. Seeing him behaving this way, Ki Joon and Yoon Joo felt even more awkward. 

Yoon Joo's handphone rings, and she is about to head out to answer it when Ah Jung showed up outside the door. Ah Jung sees Yoon Joo and panicked, checking the door again to confirm that it has Ki Joon's name on it. It was only after seeing Ki Joon on the bed that Ah Jung was sure she wasn't at the wrong place.

Ah Jung goes into the room and Yoon Joo goes out, the two brushed each other and Yoon Joo inexplicably felt vulnerable. 

On the other hand: At the coffee shop, So Ran is glaring at Ah Jung who is reading the menu, hoping she would fill her in on what happened. Even with So Ran chasing after her for answers, Ah Jung is still beating around the bush with her replies...

Chloe Says: And may I comment on the kiss-to-be: Look! His! Finger Hands! On! Her! Head! Tomorrow cannot come any sooner.