May 31, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Best Love Ep. 9

I agree with Jenny: Pil Line forevah! I'm so mad at Dokko I'm swearing as I type right now, how can anyone fall in a plot hole like this since Summer Scent?!! Gah, so stupid. That's it. I have been on the fence up till now, it's Team Geeky over Team Sexy for me all the way.
Spoiler In Words
Dokko tells Ae Jung that he was only like that towards her due to being hypnotized during his surgery, and that he is back to being healthy and normal now. These words hurt Ae Jung terribly, on the other hand Dokko packs away the time of his life when he used to behave shamefully (I thought you were cool, dude). He also agrees to continue the CF contract with Se Ri (seriously not cool)

Pil Joo ignores his mom's tittle-tattle, single-mindedly focusing on reading up ("studying" kekeke) all the love guide books and manuals as his heart for Ae Jung continues to grow. 
Dokko is back to living a life within the peaceful 60-90 range! But there's always this empty feeling in his heart. On the other hand, Se Ri came to the oriental hospital to see Pil Joo, but she meets with Mina instead...

Chloe Says: EMPTY?!! Hmmph. See if I care, Dokko.