May 27, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Lie To Me Ep. 7

Most epic starting of an SIW, ever! XD
Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas

Spoiler In Words
Ki Joon and Ah Jung kissed! After the kiss was over, the two of them are still staring at each other. That scene of the two falling in love with each other, So Ran witnessed it all; adding to that list is Jae Bum! It was right at this moment when the doorbell rang, and both Ki Joon and Ah Jung jumped in surprise. Even the bystander So Ran was surpised too! 
As if being caught doing something bad, two of them recovered themselves from their surprise. Couldn't look anywhere and feeling confused; quickly ran to the intercom, where a surprising guest has come for a visit. 

On the other hand, Sang Hee is smiling as he flips through the elementary school yearbook, looking at how cute and pretty Yoon Joo is when she was small. At this moment, Yoon Joo who has just got off the car sees a smiling Sang Hee, and could not help but mutter...

Chloe Says: "...could not help but mutter" sounds like we've uncovered Yoon Joo's bitchy side. But I'm probably just wishing for it lol.