May 27, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Drunken To Love You Episode 7

I've yet to watch Episode 6, so DARN IT WAS IT A DREAM?!! Someone please leave a message to confirm negative, if not try to console me or something.
When The Winter Night Gets Warmer - Stefanie Sun

~Cup 7: Stockholm Syndrome~
Jie Xiu wakes up with a hangover only to find Ai Wei beside him, the memories of last night's passion remain blurry, was it just an alcohol-induced fantasy? Or was it a beautiful misunderstanding? 
Seeing Jie Xiu drifting further away from her, Ai Wei who still loves him very much finally realizes her own mistakes. In an attempt to own his heart again, her photo gets taken by the paparazzi, and the photo is a proof to how much she loves him. She decides to open up to the press. 

Xiao Ru who accidentally got dizzy on borrowed happiness, secretly sets the distance between Jie Xiu and herself in an attempt to get back to her senses. But, will she really be able to put away her feelings and face Jie Xiu wholeheartedly? And will Ai Wei's press conference succeed in driving Xiao Ru away?

Xiao Ru and Ai Wei, the two's Stockholm Syndrome scenario. One is held captive; the other is the captor, a queen defending her turf. Who will get outed in this pursuit of love?

Episode Preview: