May 4, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Best Love Ep. 2

All along I was wondering to myself how Gong Hyo Jin would pass as an idol (because there's bound to be some flashbacks), as in my mind she has always been in the "serious" actors type category. Oh well, now I got my answer *pffft*
Brand New Life - Sentimental Scenery feat. Taru

Just the stills alone makes me wanna watch it XD

Spoiler In Words: "The things on your mind, I'll edit it out!"

During a real-time quiz via the telephone, through an error of Ae Jung's, Dokko accidentally reveals to the whole world about his bribery. He quickly finds Ae Jung and orders her to make the production team edit it all out and things quickly escalated into a heated argument.

And so, in the parking lot Dokko purposely crashes into Ae Jung's car, even pretending to be the victim of it all and even gets sent to the hospital. 

On the other hand, Pil Joo meets Ae Jung by chance when he was looking to hire an oriental doctor. He gets misunderstood by Ae Jung and they end up in a ridiculous "water baptism ceremony". 

Chloe Says: This is the craziest SIW I've ever translated! (・-・

Via Baidu's Best Love