May 4, 2011

Script reading session for upcoming June drama "You've Fallen For Me"

You know what they say: Always plan ahead. That's what I just did a second ago. It's been decided! I'm so watching this after Best Love ends (and BL hasn't even started)...
The production company for You've Fallen For Me has recently disclosed the photos from its script reading session held on April 2nd. Pictured here are the main cast Jung Yong Hwa, Park Shin Hye, Song Chang UiSo Yi Hyun and Kang Min Hyuk. Erm, a little off topic but: don't you think Yong Hwa looks a tad like that Heaven Postman dude (Hero Jaejoong) from this angle? 

Anyways, looks like this will be the first time C.N. Blue's leader Jung Yong Hwa will be playing the main lead in a show (YAB Shin Woo shippers rejoice!), and like any multitasker in the k-ent industry, aside from this drama gig he is also busy with the band's activities. But I say it's all good since he is playing in a band for the show too, no? It can be like character study.
Park Shin Hye will be sporting a cute short do to look the role as a bumbling heroine while Song Chang Ui plays an tough yet gentle Broadway producer Kim Suk Hyun (edited: Found some inconsistencies in translations and checked out the original Ko version). He is able to take on the role naturally as his character is said to be very similar to his own in real life (he is a musical actor by training).

So Yi Hyun takes on the role of a beautiful and elegant dance professor, whom I'm sure we will all love to hate one way or another( ̄ー ̄)

What I like about this show is that it reminds me of the two dramas I like, it sounds like You're Beautiful mashed with Dream High with a heavier hand at romance (yay!). YFFM features a University of Arts that specializes in dancing, singing, acting and literature as its background and the place where the protagonists will strive to realize their dream. You've Fallen For Me will premiere June 29.    
Min Hyuk shhi! It will be your turn as the lead next :)

Via TVDaily