May 3, 2011

Latest BTS shots from 49 Days: What happened to Song Yi Soo...

More memories are revealed, and more mystery unravels. The following stills are from Jung Il Woo's weibo (Chi twitter) account, and it features him from his "past", most likely remembered by Song Yi Kyung during her emergency visit to the psychiatrist (for more details on the plot, see the SIW for upcoming episode 15 here). 
Farewell (Insa) - DBSK

If I'm feeling a tad melancholic now, imagine the Kleenexes I'll end up using on D-day itself. Because there's nothing soppier than a proposal that never was...
Yi Soo goes out to buy a wedding ring? Then dies on the way? Andwehhhhhh~

But those are the cold facts: A flashback way back in Episode 1 confirms this:
Song Yi Kyung remembering a certain young man's body lying on the gravel before trying to kill herself on that very same road, that very same day.

It's the very same outfit.

Credits: BTS photos from Jung Il Woo's weibo, investigative info from Autumn in Jiangnan@Baidu's 49 Days, Episode 1 screenshot by hellochloe.