May 3, 2011

Hyun Bin Completes Rigorous Military Training

...and he says he misses his parents the most. Aww. 
Recently his military life has been documented and it has already been unveiled to the public. May 1st's broadcast of KBS's documentary program "3 Days Documentary" featured Hyun Bin as a ROK Marine Corps 1137 in his 5th week of going through hellish training scenarios for new recruits. 

Binnie is one of the 720 soldiers in training, where he's no longer known by his stage name but his birth name, Kim Tae Pyung. Upon completion of the hell-style training, an award ceremony was held, presenting "red medals" to signify that they are no longer recruits. 
Hyun Bin recalls the training process and said: "Because it's something I obtained (i.e the red medal) after such tough training, I feel very proud. The period where you rely on your strength and obtaining the results with your fellow mates, it also deepens your understanding towards yourself."

He showed great excitement upon getting the red medal, and says: "(I) first thought of my parents. Right now at this moment my heart is filled with passion, and (I'm) overbrimming with confidence." Hyun Bin's face is tanned, as all military men are, and he's also looking very healthy and confident.

After 6 weeks of training, Hyun Bin gets 5 days of rest. He is currently doing his service at Byeongyeong Island under the Marine Corps 6th Brigade. 

Via Chosun Ilbo