May 1, 2011

Drunken To Love You OP Theme: Play Against The Rules (Bu An Pai Li Chu Pai) Translated Lyrics

Don't be mislead by the "you really wanna do it all night" line in the lyrics, it's surprisingly deep. Meet the strikingly unconventional six-member band and here's what you may or may not know about this quirky group:
Vocalist (main): Gaga
Vocalist: Ting Ting 
Bassist (leader): Kai Kai
DJ: Gu Gu
Guitarist: Lei Bao
Drummer: Ah Xiang

Fun Facts: Some of the members have done the craziest things like stripping for a bet (Ting Ting), ran naked while drunk (Gaga), and this tops the list: influenced by too much action movies, Lei Bao attempts a fire stunt and end up burning his hair and eyebrows. He has since turned afro (keke).  

The opening song is catchy like DTLY's predecessor, Fated To Love You's 99 Times I Love You, but I definitely prefer this track. I'm a sucker for songs with cool beats, and it's probably DJ Gu Gu's doing. Not only that, it actually means something. It ponders upon fate, whether it's all prearrange and we have no say in it: Do we love by the influence of some higher force or is it our own free will? Then it tells us to abandon the rules and love anyway; don't fight it (got that my OTP?).

Here's the DTLY-themed MV of the song (SO COOL):

Title: Play Against The Rules (Bu An Pai Li Chu Pai)
Artist: Magic Power

You really wanna do do do it all night
You really wanna do do do it all night 
You really wanna do do do it all night 
Wu oh 
Wu oh 

What what...wh-wha-what a beautiful night 
Tonight I'm the dealer, who wants to try their luck at true love? 
I'll give you my sincere heart as collateral, you don't have return it 
Since it's just a "coincidence" you don't have to be too alarmed

Where is the huge gust of wind blowing to?
Blown to people who meet by a happy coincidence
Facing each other, the things we shared 
A memorable encounter 
Cupid's arrow, once aimed
You'll only be able to love that one person
Is that force or free will? 

I'll bet bet bet bet with you this one love
I'm surr-rrr-rrounded with your real love 
I want you to see-e-e-e true love

Wu oh
Wu oh 
Don't play by the rules, just come if you dare
Don't play by the rules, just love if you wanna
Don't play by the rules, in love there's always hurt 
Wu oh 
Wu oh 

Saying "what a coincidence", but it's best not to greet
Shall we just leave it to fate or use an ID card to guarantee?  

Chloe Says: With rap, hip hop, pop and rock influences in their music, these are some of the artist/bands they admire: M-Flo, Mayday, Tony Leung, Linkin Park, Simple Plan, Rize, Yoshiki and Seo Taiji. 

Note: Translated lyrics are based on drama's version of the song, translated from Chi to En by hellochloe. Picture credits to Magic Power's Facebook page