May 2, 2011

Drunken To Love You ED Theme: Good Things (Hao De Shi Qing) Translated Lyrics

Singer, lyricist, composer, producer AND player of a few instruments

More often than not, when I like a show the love extends to its OST as well. I wonder if it's just a coincidence? No exceptions this time, listening to OST Prince Yen-j always manages to evoke feelings of melancholy in one. It's so, so bittersweet. 

Title: Good Things (Hao De Shi Qing)
Artist: Yen-J
Composer: Yen-J
Lyricist: Yen-J, Huang Ting 

Rest is just a respite for a longer journey 
You are my journey
It's all because of you 
I kept walking 

Wanting to walk with you till the end 
But I lost the map 
Who's the one binding the other? 
Who's the one in more pain?  

Only if you've loved deeply will you be able to comprehend

Perhaps the good things will repeat itself
Poignant moments
Even if fuzzy 
Don't cry 
At least you and I remember clearly
Love is to bless the other 

Chloe Says: Such a beautiful MV, don't you think? Strange that it's so romantic despite the fact that our OTP are behaving like virtual strangers (so polite!!). 

Note: Lyrics are based on the drama's version of the song, translated from Chi to En by hellochloe.