Apr 30, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Romance Town Episode 1 + Teaser I

Syururup - Monday Kiz (wow...the piano O_O)

Ok, it is OFFICIAL now. I want to watch everything. As in, ALL the May dramas. Please, networks, you can stop coming up with nice dramas now. Do that at a later date please. And this spoiler...I dunno if this is a new strategy that KBS came up or something, but I'm definitely interested now. It reads like a novel and I find myself imagining the scenes. Now I wanna watch it live-action!

Spoiler In Words (1st Version)
No Soon Geum comes from a household where her grandmother was a maid, and so was her mom. Her mom is strongly against her going through the same path as her (i.e maid), and hence ever since high school she has studied hard and poured herself into working hard to earn money. 
Time passed, and the mom who has been a maid her whole life, passed away. Her dad, who's a gambler comes to find her to fund his habit every now and then. Just like that, life continues to go on as usual, with her not having any particular talents nor skill. 

Meanwhile, a 150 kg heavy "prince" (I reckon y'all know who this is yeah) from a wealthy family loses his wallet during his farewell ceremony to New York for studies. Somehow Soon Geum who's at the hotel to find a friend, gets roped into this and ended up paying for the drinks with her rent money. 

No matter what, Soon Geum has to get the money back, and she ends up at Gun Woo's (Jung Gyu Woon) house. He looks like a honest and sincere man right now, unlike when he blackmailed her for money. At Gun Woo's request, she leaves him her phone number as she leaves hurriedly to deal with her dad's mess (gambling stuff, I presume). During that short encounter, Soon Geum has made a favorable impression on Gun Woo. 
 So, are they pen pals or somethin'?
3 years later at a certain house, despite her mom's bid for her to never become a maid, Soon Geum has become one. When she wins one of her weekly rounds of Hwa-Tu (Korean poker), she decides to buy a lottery ticket. She puts the tickets everyone else bought in her left pocket and hers on the right. 
Also on this day, Gun Woo returns. Not only that, he's completely a different man as he steps into the household...

Chloe Says: Wowza, if only all spoilers are written like this huh? If it were anything less than this, I don't think I'd be interested. I'm suppose to be tuning to Lie To Me, Best Love and Baby-faced Beauty. But now I'm hooked. Siiigh.

The teaser: