Mar 29, 2011

Spoiler In Words: 49 Days Ep.5

Out of boredom, I randomly searched for some kvariety shows to watch on youtube. And I came across one hosted by Kang Ho Dong and Lee Seung Gi called Strong Heart (although I'm sure you know that already). It's so addictive! Then again, probably all kvariety shows are crack, aren't they?
Heartbeat - K.will 

The determined Ji Hyun strode towards the door and rings the doorbell without falter. Ji Hyun's mom's voice can be heard through the intercom, asking who she is. She makes up something on the spot, casually replying that she is Ji Hyun's friend. She enters the house, only to find her mom immersed in grief. Ji Hyun is sadden by this, but can only bear it in her heart as she has the appearance of someone else right now (i.e Yi Kyung's).  
Ji Hyun retrieves the seal from her stuffed kangaroo toy in her room. Knowing all this will soon be over, she leaves. Then came In Jung, and when she found out that the seal has been removed, she is distraught.

Chloe Says: God, I swear I'm a genius sometimes. I was thinking the seal was with the kangaroo too! (in the pocket with the baby kangaroo, to be exact). I use to own one when I was little, and proceeded to drool all over it. It got very stinky, as thus had to be thrown away (much to my devastation). Ah, the memories.