Mar 5, 2011

My tears...they won't stop flowing.

Oh shit. I think I just screwed my test today.

But no, I'm not crying because of that. What else do you think a drama addict cries over? Presenting you... 

*cues drumroll *
(hint: If I were to sum the series up, it would be: "How One Immature Girl Fucked Up A Couple's Relationship")
Infidelitity is the name of the game in You Taught Me All The Important Things (Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta), a brilliant piece of idiosyncrasy only jdramas can churn out. First of all, WHY the hell am I still watching a drama with cheating bastards? Haven't I learned my lesson from The Fierce Wife?
The answer is, it's a jdrama! Rules (and preferences) don't freaking matter in jdramaland, y'know? Mind you, I usually stay clear when the show revolves the infidelity theme, 'cause the love ain't pure anymore, if you know what I mean. Like the OTP has been tainted. Is it still One True Love when your partner cheats on you, despite not meaning to? That is the question in this Monday prime time drama.

If I were to categorized this show's genre like a manga, it would be: drama, romance, josei, slice of life, psychological - err, it involves pretty twisted mind games for the first half of the series, but has since toned down considerably. On the plot...if I were to write it down in words, here's what I think...the plot totally, utterly and perfectly, S-U-C-K-S. It's down right masochistic, and if I knew what I was watching beforehand, I would run miles away faster than you can say "Toda". So you'll just have to watch it to believe how utterly good it is. In fact, it's so addictive I finished all 7 episodes in one go yesterday (well that's explains why I'm going to flop in my test), and I'm eagerly waiting for the next one on Monday. Can't wait.
The story is very much character-driven, so the story isn't what shines here, it's the people. It's about about a story of a teacher who unknowingly get involves with his student, but it's not romantic, not really 'cause life isn't a shoujo manga. No one is truly evil and there are no stoic second leads to sweep the damsel in distress off her feet (actually, there is, but he's got a low sperm count and he wants to marry the heroine for all the wrong reasons).

This is not a melodrama, yet I cried so so sooo much (err, tears duct got overworked, as a result my eyes were swollen and it's still stinging now). This is the 3rd time I've gotten panda eyes because of stupid dramas (maybe fourth).
I cried buckets for Toda Erika's character, Natsumi. Poor girl! Being in love with such a frustrating character must have been tough (*&^%#^$% you, baka Shuji! He's so frustrating to watch; and that is why I like prefer my men like Darcy). Yet she persevered and is so beautifully strong (I think I cried more than she did in the show.) It's about cheating, but not really (you'll find out why in the 5th episode, I don't wanna spoil the fun. It's the student's fault, is all I can say).

Side Notes/ Me Thoughts:
#The OST- there has never been so many English (That's right, egao!) songs with the spotlight only on ONE artiste since...Pride! (remember Queen? Those were the days...) As for this Getsu 9 drama, it's from P!nk's greatest hits. (I was never really a fan of hers until now - I'm not really a fan of her raspy vocals, but in the context of the show the song selections are perfect, the lyrics futher narrate the scenes and enhances them, and that's what a good OST is all about.

Oh shush y'all! Just lemme squeal about their hotness! The cast:
The Incumbent Lead: Miura Haruma as Shuji. No offense but I don't think Miura Haruma's all that hot. That is, until now. Am officially a fangirl now. He rocks argyle sweaters and the clean-cut hair. Yumm...

As for his Shuji character, I liked him best in Episode 1 - when he first realizes he cheated (he saw a girl on his bed and was like "oops sorry, gotta go" hahaha). But here's the oddity - I liked him less when he realized he DID NOT cheat after all. It's a complex web of love-hate relationship with him right now.

The Heroine: Toda Erika as Natsumi. She's not the perfect heroine, but to me she is. She's an ever growing character and the reason why my eyes are half-shut since yesterday. 

Supporting Actress, the 18-year-old you never wereTakei Emi as high school student Saeki Hikari. She's pretty, but I think I shall bang head to wall if I hear another "I wish she'll end up with him. 'Cause she's pretty!" comment (yeah I'm referring to you, viki people).

The "Not Quite Your 2nd Lead" Lead: The low sperm count dude I mentioned earlier. I think, I'm forever cursed with the 2nd lead syndrome. But then again perhaps I just have the hots for Fukushi Seiji since like, forever. He's Oboe-kun from Nodame Cantabile! And now he's moe megane *fans self* 
Whew! If he would just play Oboe to Natsumi, I'll be shipping for them! (yeah, I'm so easy).

*Sigh* too bad something tells me the next episode is going to be his last appearance...

To sum it up, All The Important Things You Taught Me is an...onion. That's right, it's a vegetable bulb. Each character is wonderfully complex and as each is shed, you'll only weep harder.

Pic credits: Via Kimi Ga Oshiete Official's Website