Feb 21, 2011

Tough Times

Real life's sucky. That is all. 
If it were up to me, I'll be frolicking in dramaland forevah.

So, this blog and I had a talk. Things did not go well. Heated words were exchanged. 

I've been feeling under the weather this few days, and while I was lying on bed I realize I needed to prioritize my life - more specifically my studies. That means a break from blogging, a looong leave till my exams are over in June. 

But fear not, I'll be still watching my fav dramas, just not all (probably one drama a week, I'll allow myself at least that). Tough times call for tough measures. 

Please take comfort by the fact that I would have no life - busy studying. But I will update once in a while, maybe...probably (don't think I can get stay away from hellochloe that long). Aiming to be a *chartered certified* <--(important distinction there) accountant ain't no walk in the park, baby. 

Bye bye chingus! Don't miss me, visit me weekly. Just think of it like I'm gone for military service, only 4 times shorter.