Feb 17, 2011

Spoiler In Words: Dream High Episode 14

'Kay, hellochloe maybe getting a little cocky here, but she thinks she knows who K is (and thinks K is a solo artiste). I mean, isn't it pretty obvious when the show has this Grammy-sounding BG music whenever Sam Dong is on? Blimey if it isn't him. 
You That Day - Yoo In Na (yup the SG one) feat. Humming Urban Stereo

Spoiler In Words

Oh Hyuk receives a call from the police. Discovering the fact that Baek Hee was there when Jin Gook assaulted President Yoon, together with Teacher Shi they find Baek Hee. They hear startling facts from Baek Hee.

On the other hand, global record company EMG is holding a video audition. Due to the unreasonable conditions for participation, most students do not even want to take on the challenge. But Sam Dong quietly send in his application form. After Sam Dong's application, one by one the other students begin to sign up...

Chloe Says: I change my mind, this losing-hearing plot is actually a good thing for Sam Dong. He's bolder and more grasp-the-moment guy now. The Sam Dong before wouldn't even dream of joining. Aww my baby's growing up...so proud of him *sniffle* 

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